Engagement Opportunities

If you or your organization wants to help YSB, you could support us with/by:

Short Term - Hosting student volunteers or becoming a guest speaker!

Long Term - Job shadowing & internships, financial sponsorship, school project collaboration, help expand the YSB, or become a youth mentor!

Hosting Student Volunteers:

You can host student volunteers for one off volunteer events, campaigns, seasonal opportunities, or longer-term volunteer roles. Students involved with YSB are eager to volunteer in several ways, including helping run an event, phone banking, picking up and/or sorting waste, building trails, canvassing, planting or harvesting  gardens, and more. Partners can let YSB know about volunteer opportunities by sending weekly or monthly emails with opportunities, sending a link to a calendar, asking YSB to email them with interested students, or collaborating on a youth-focused volunteer event.

Feel free to reach out to engagement@youthsustainabilityboard.org with your volunteer requests.

Become a Guest Speaker:

Either online or in-person, guest speakers provide education at school (chapters), events, or webinars. YSB members are interested in all types of topics, including leadership training, bees and pollination, energy, career options, how to start a local garden, etc. By signing up as a guest speaker, your contact will be shared with all partner schools and they will reach out to you directly when they have an interest in having you speak to students. YSB understands your schedule may not allow you to be available for
that particular speaking opportunity, but please don’t worry about saying no. We will still keep you on file for the future – unless requested to be taken off the list.


Click here to register to be a guest speaker. 

Job Shadowing:

Job shadowing provides students opportunities to learn about job functions, career development, and the requirements for certain jobs and fields. In addition, it provides youth leadership development by allowing aspiring youth to learn from leaders in their community through observation. This can be for just one day or longer – whatever fits your schedule, interest, and capacity.


Internships provide youth hands-on experience into sustainability, opportunities to learn about sustainability careers, and help them develop new skills, knowledge and a professional network. Internships can be hosted through your organization or through YSB if the company cannot support the position or logistics of the internship but has the space for the role and effort. Positions can be paid or unpaid.


If interested, please send  the opportunities you have, age requirements, and if you need the position hosted through YSB to engagement@youthsustainabilityboard.org.

Sponsoring Programs Financially:

There is a large range of ways to help support YSB financially and receive recognition in return.
For more information about donation options email financial@youthsustainabilityboard.org.

Collaborating with School Chapters:

There are numerous chapters of YSB across Colorado, each working on projects to help make their schools more sustainable. Working with schools on projects can range from: reforming their waste management system, helping create sustainability education, sharing expertise in specific spheres that could be beneficial for projects, volunteering to provide extra hands, and more. YSB is open to all ideas, so please share what ways you’d like to engage with a YSB school to engagement@youthsustainabilityboard.org.

Help Us Expand:

YSB works with a variety of different organizations and is always interested in growing connections with others. Connecting YSB to your network will help increase the number of sustainability opportunities for youth.

Become a Youth Mentor for the Board:

YSB is always looking for mentors to jump on for specific projects to assist students one-on-one with their initiatives and to guide them with your expertise. If interested, send your expertise and areas of interest along with your time availability to engagement@youthsustainabilityboard.org.