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COVID-19 Plan

Chapter Resources

  • Use your school’s platform!

    • Reach out to the administration to see if they can post prepared marketing materials to the school instagram, school newsletters as well as Schoology (if applicable)

  • Utilizing Instagram

    • Each school club should have their own instagram account. The material posted should also be posted on the whole school instagram if applicable and possible

  • Advertise specific events frequently!

    • Post what you’re doing at each meeting, why it’s important, and why people should come

      • If you have a guest speaker, advertise it!!

How to Recruit Members

How to Host Meetings

  • If you can use Zoom, reach out to YSB. We have a Zoom pro account so you are able to host meetings with multiple people.

  • If Zoom does not work, create google hangouts! You can do this through the email

  • When you do create a meeting, add it to the google calendar connected to the email 

  • Find the best time to meet

    • Meeting during lunch is a good way to continue normalcy and keep people engaged. It builds up social interaction which is great!

In-person Guidelines

  • At any event students are required to wear masks and maintain physical distancing

  • Recommended that students who are planning to do an in person service activity do it as a group of friends rather than an entity of the school or district 

Project Ideas

  • Online education

  • Book club style

    • Podcasts, documentaries, Ted Talks, etc.​

    • Patagonia makes great short documentaries

    • Really great to discuss these at club meetings

  • Civic Engagement
  • Write Resolution​s\

  • Start a Garden

  • Start Composting/Grow your school's recycling program

Always feel free to reach out to our

Recruitment Committee at 

with any questions/requests for your chapter!

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